Hello Ninja & Trouble,

I’ve been in a very rough patch over the last year, and I know I’m not out of it yet…On and off I feel as though I’m just drifting through space - the momentum from moves I made months ago still carrying me forward - I’m unable to change course. I’m a fatalist at times like these and I tend believe that we’re on a set path (with only a few options to alter our futures). I’m currently on a trip through the cosmos, awaiting my fate.

Honestly, it means so much that I can still be impressed by submissions every Sunday. After three years and thousands of photographs, I now more than ever appreciate the effort people put in to making something special. I hope your trip takes you where you want to be, and you find feel comfortable on your way there. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful, inspiring and creative submission. 


Crowd - 1987-1991  is a series of conceptual photographs by Misha Gordin 


Victor Safonkin

"In his energetic, detailed and often at first glance, shocking artworks, Viktor Safonkin holds up a mirror, showing the viewer grotesque caricatures of themselves."