Duckie Thot for ReFashion 

~ Australia (8) ~

by Bonnie Hansen


MOONDUST by Sara Golish -> SUNDUST -> more

"The inspiration has [like all my work] come from many varying sources. However, these pieces are heavily based in Afrofuturism and various natural hair styles coloured girls rock. Inspired by music, 70s & 80s vinyl album covers, Sci-Fi, futuristic elements and retro flavours, by funky jewelry, the universe, magic and the unlimited possibilities of the imagination."


American Horror Story: Freak Show poster


American Horror Story: Freak Show


BY janini (Жана Топчиева)


Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten



PHOTOGRAPHY: Identities by Can Dagarslani

Identities is a beautiful series of images by Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani. After graduating from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 1996, Dagarslani became increasingly interested in photography.

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The Eerie Beauty Of Crimea’s Abandoned Soviet-Era Salt Mine Might

Crimeans call it Sivash, or the “Rotten Sea,” in reference to the unpleasant smell that wafts from the network of shallow, salty lagoons. But for those willing to look past the stench, an otherworldly vista awaits.

Sergey Anashkevych, a photographer in the region, has captured jaw-dropping photos of the marshy area, which includes an abandoned Soviet-era salt mine. According to Caters News Agency, in some spots, the water takes on a deep crimson hue as a result of halobacteria, single-celled microorganisms that are purple in color and found in highly salty